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Yellowstone (Summers 1999 & 2000)


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Puff'n'Stuff Geyser

Puff 'n' Stuff Geyser occurs in the Back Basin at Norris. It is very close to the wooden boardwalk and consists of a fissure-like vent in the side of the gentle slope.

Puff 'n' Stuff Geyser, Norris Back Basin.

Puff 'n' Stuff Geyser makes a lot of noise, but doesn't seem to do much else! The eruptions are only a few feet high and often send a fine mist down the boardwalk after you. Around about the cone, there is often a build-up of a light grey-blue clay, presumeable formed by the interaction of the underlying rock with the hot mineralised fluids erupting from the vent. The run-off from Puff'n'Stuff cools rapidly and plants quickly colonise this channel.

This can be a good place to sit and watch dragonflies darting around :)

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