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Yellowstone National Park

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Norris Geyser Basin

Of all the Geyser basins in Yellowstone National Park, Norris Basin has to be one of my personal favourites.

It might not have the same density or nature of geysers as some of the other areas, but it is hot, sulphurous and unusual things happen there!

I've had the opportunity to visit Norris several times along with Alan Channing (Cardiff University, Wales) and we were variously accompanied "off boardwalk" by Ranger Bill Wise and Volunteer Ranger Smokey Sturtevant. Thanks guys! We got back in one piece.....and uncooked.


Norris Geyser Basin is sub-divided into Porcelain Basin and Back Basin. This photograph is a view looking down into Porcelain Basin at Norris (near the Ranger Lodge). People on the wooden boardwalk for scale. Geysers visible in the background include Constant and Whirligig.

Some of the thermal features illustrated here are strictly off-limits to the casual visitor to the Park.

Expert guidance is required through the dangerous thermal areas to reach them.

Some of the images here are of geysers well away from the boardwalk.

However, I hope you agree that it is nice to be able to show some of the hidden gems of Norris.