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Yellowstone National Park

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Crater Hills Geyser

Crater Hills Geyser is located within the Crater Hill Springs complex, Hayden Valley. We visited this area in August 2000 with Ranger Bill Wise. There are no boardwalks and this is the kind of terrain which grizzly bears hang around in. So, double vigilance!

Crater Hills Spring

This is a view of the geyser pretty much at the same level as the pool surface looking slightly uphill. The run-off waters from the geyser flow down slope and some of them collect in a bright yellow pool.


This view is looking down into the vent from the hillside above. Note the deep pool and the shallow circular ledge to the feature.


As the eruption subsided, the splash zone around the geyser became visible, consisting of knobbly sinter and interspersed shallow pools.

Crater Hills Geyser is the main erupting feature within this geothermal area. The majority of other features at Crater Hill Springs are mudpots and sulphur fumaroles. In this respect is shares many features with the nearest "visitor friendly" area at Mud Volcano...including the smell.