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Yellowstone National Park

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Constant Geyser

Constant Geyser occurs in the Porcelain Basin at Norris. It forms one of a chain of geysers and hot pools which occur above a major fracture running across the basin. Other geysers on this fracture include Whirligig and Fireball geysers.

Constant Geyser (Whirligig Geyser in the foreground)

This is a photograph of Constant geyser at the start of an eruption. Whirligig geyser is in the immediate foreground.


Further on into the eruption and the overspill from Constant Geyser drains into Whirligig.

Constant Geyser in eruption

When Constant geyser reaches the peak of the eruption cycle, water overflows from the geyser pool and flows down into the pool and vent of Whirligig geyser. On a number of occasions, I watched this process take place and almost immediately afterwards, the input of heated water caused the start of a Whirligig eruption.

Observations such as this demonstrate just how delicately balanced and inter-related are the geyser systems in this fragile environment.