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Yellowstone National Park

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Castle Geyser

Castle Geyser is a large geyserite mound occurring within the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park. The feature was named in allusion to the appearance of the sizeable geyserite build-up and terracing around the main vent. When Castle geyser erupts, it is possible to see it from the entrance road to the Old Faithful Inn gas station, and pretty much anywhere on Geyser Hill. However, the view from the other side of the Firehole River is pretty uncluttered. Sitting on the boardwalk by Liberty Pool or the "Frog Pools" allows other features to be observed at the same time.

Castle Geyser, early morning eruption

This photograph of Castle Geyser was taken looking roughly South toward the Old Faithful Inn, to the left-hand-side was Crested Pool. The pools of standing water which collect around the base of the geyser can evaporate and lead to the deposition of silica as a sinter sheet.

A view of a Castle Geyser eruption from the Old Faithful gas station

Geysers don't obey road signs and Castle Geyser is no exception! :)


This is a view of Castle Geyser in eruption from an observation point close to Liberty Pool and looking across the Firehole River.

Castle Geyser in eruption

Same general view from the otherside of the Firehole River. Note the viewing platform on the right hand side of the picture and the small figures on it for scale.