Palaeontological sites

  • The Palaeontological Association (UK)
  • The Geologists' Association
  • The Paleonet Pages
  • The Tree of Life project
  • Natural History Museum, London, UK
  • AntBase
  • BugWare


  • Discovering Fossils- an excellent and informative UK-based site by Roy and Luci
  • Shropshire Geology (England)
  • Fossil Collections of the World
  • Links to internet resources for palaeobotanists (Upper Triassic bias)
  • International Plant Taphonomy Meetings


  • Neil Clark's home page
  • Garry Platt's Amber site
  • Graham's Biomechanics of Eurypterids page
  • Jason Dunlop's Fossil Arachnids page


  • Kevin Kessell's Meteorites Plus (hosting extensive geological links)
  • Andrew Mayes' trace fossil flagstones

  • Cubes of pyrite in Baltic amber

    A long-legged spider in Baltic amber

    Another Baltic amber spider

    A small beetle preserved in Baltic amber