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Glossary of terms

You have arrived at this page for an explanation of one of the words which I used in the Fossil Surgery, with which you were not familiar. Having visited this page, I hope you have learned something new. If you are still puzzled and would like a better explanation of anything here, e-mail Lyall.

arthropod: A type of animal with jointed limbs and an external skeleton, termed an exoskeleton.
arachnid: the most familiar arachnids are spiders and scorpions which are arthropods.
millipede: a millipede is a multi-legged arthropod
unmineralised: Most animals have what are termed hard parts such as shells, bones or teeth. These are examples of mineralised fossils. They have a better chance of becoming fossils than animals which have no hard parts, that is unmineralised such as worms or jellyfish.
palaeontologists: scientists who study the remains of long dead plants and animals called fossil which are buried in rocks.
(Created 4 September 98 LIA)

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